2017 Artists

Artist: Ziibiwan

Anishinaabe experimental-electronic producer Ziibiwan's RPM debut EP is a rift in the sonic cosmic flow, an expansive vision of cyclical temporalities and inner explorations rooted in Indigenous consciousness. From the ambient unfolding of tracks like "North" and "Fast Asleep" to the more beat-based flows of "Loon Song" and "Manitou", Ziibiwan's ethereal, sonic landscape opens into deeply hypnotic spaces where land, sky, and deep sea meet.  

"bright, curious, meditative electronic music...reminiscent of Bonobo"


Use on Friday, April 7th,  2017 from 9:00PM - 1:00AM

or Saturday, April 8th, from 10:00PM - 6:00AM. Includes artist talks and workshops on Saturday afternoon. 

Saturday Lineup at the Tett

Lineup: Basic Soul Unit, Alicia Hush, Murr, Cyan, Frances Adair McKenzie, Hans Ohm, Big River Dream, Atra Aeterna, Dan Browne, Stéfy McKnight, Erin Ball, MORE TBA

One Night Pass:

$20 Early Bird

Good for both Friday, April 7th, and Saturday, April 8th programming. Includes artist talks and workshops on Saturday afternoon.


Friday Lineup at the Isabel

Booma Collective, CMD, Ziibiwan, SUMO Project, Ty Tekatch, Kerista, MORE TBA

Full Weekend Pass:

$35 Early Bird


Lineup for each night: