2017 Artists


Cecily Taylor is an art minded individual from Haliburton, Ontario, now based in Kingston. Since studying in the Fine Arts department at Queen's University from 2006-10, majoring in sculpture under the tutelage of Ted Rettig, Cecily has fluttered about many different forms of expression. These practices include: photography, rock and roll, electronic music, video, audio-visual installation, and drawing. Cecily's scattered artistic output oscillates between quiet, focused, introverted work - as seen in delicate pastel drawings - to more brash, extroverted, collaborative activities such as fronting a loud music project.

Kinetic sculpture in particular has been a latent interest for years. For Electric Circuits Cecily will be contributing an interactive kinetic light sculpture, open to attendees Saturday night. Check out her website here.


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Dan Browne

Decomposing Pianos

Echo Beach

Erin Ball 

Frances Adair McKenzie Geronimo Inutiq 

Greg Wilson 

Saturday Lineup at the Tett

Alicia Hush

Atra Aeterna

Basic Soul Unit

Ben Lodge

Big River Dream

Cecily Taylor


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Good for both Friday, April 7th, and Saturday, April 8th programming. Includes artist talks and workshops on Saturday afternoon.

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or Saturday, April 8th, from 10:00PM - 6:00AM. Includes artist talks and workshops on Saturday afternoon. 

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Friday Lineup at the Isabel

Booma Collective


Decomposing Pianos


Rise Ashen

Ty Tekatch




Lineup for each night:

Hans Ohm

Hri Neil 

Kala Seraphin

Michael Trommer 

Miss Moss 


Stéfy McKnight

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