April 7th & 8th

at The Isabel & The Tett,

Kingston, ON


Ontario-born, Montreal-based producer catching ears and hearts with a diverse array of expression and energy. Alicia’s sound and vibe, the very embodiment of a life lived creating, dancing to and inspired by music. Her raison d’être, to be moved by music and to do the same for others.

Her live performance, an energized bouncy affair that stimulates both brain and body. A sweet and subtle absurdity giving way to a bad ass barrage of heavy basslines, silly vocals and crispy crunchy sounds that that have us grooving, wooooting, laughing and moving… taking us from the deep dark to the silly and carefree; holding true to only one common that moves you.

2014 marked the launch of Alicia’s new label; the Hushlamb Label Project which she runs out of Montreal with partner Sarah Lamb.


Atra Aeterna is the alternative alias of Zack Mitchell, a born and raised Kingstonian who has been programming and releasing haunting, cinematic pieces of electronically unsettled noise for over a decade. Influenced by film composers and electronic producers alike, Mitchell seamlessly melds subtle fields of static warmth, emotive piano harmonies, and dark atmospherics into lushly imagined tapestries of instrumental sound. 

Recent years have seen Mitchell's work gravitate towards a more aggressively synthetic nature, building upon ethereal soundscapes and adding pounding rhythmic elements and bright, jagged synthlines that throw off light like undulating livewires. Mitchell has released all Atra Aeterna music independently, and designs all artwork associated with each release himself.

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Two nights of immersive, multivalent performance, artist talks, and installations.


Hong Kong born and raised in Canada, Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit has been steadily making his mark in underground electronic music circles since his first release in 2003. Stuart grew up listening to Toronto’s college radio stations and attended after hours parties where underground house music could be heard. He later worked at Cosmos Records store which dealt vintage Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin, Brazilian, Disco, House & Hip Hop to crate diggers both local and from abroad.

Reflecting his diverse interest in music, Stuart's house and techno productions can swing from lush and soulful to crunchy and jacking. He has released and remixed music on respected labels such as Dekmantel, Nonplus+, Dolly, Philpot, Mathematics, Mule Electronic, Versatile, Ostgut Ton, Créme Organization & more. 2013 marked the launch of his own label Lab.our which he started with long time friend Jason Ulrich. The Label's releases have garnered attention with airplay from the likes of Hessle Audio crew on their Rinse FM show to appearances on BBC Radio 1 playlists from Scream, Tessela and Daniel Avery.




Ben Lodge is a member of darkwalkers: a collection of producers, dj's, musicians and lovers of the deeper sides of sound, based in Ontario.




Big River Dream is Greg Wilson, and Greg Wilson is Big River Dream. He creates narratives and experiences through music and sound, builds digital instruments, art installations, music applications, and he can also be caught engineering recordings on occasion. He has been based out of Ottawa and Kingston in the past, and now resides in Toronto while he pursues a Master's degree in Music Technology at the University of Toronto. Please listen with care, and bring your heart, mind, and ears when you find him making sounds.


OPINION Lorenzo Belli is a Montréal based musician and sound-artist. His interests range from electroacoustic music to jazz/synth-pop/new age infused library music and DOS video game soundtracks. He is a member of Booma Collective, but also gets down with Temple Records and Morning Fever crews in Montréal.

REVLUX Oren Ratowsky aka revlux is a producer, DJ, engineer, and co-founder of Booma Collective. Oren’s productions and performances have ranged from techno and house to electroacoustic, ambient, and pop music. Releasing the debut 12” on Booma, Oren has also appeared on Booma compilations, contributed a remix on Other People, and is releasing the debut revlux 12” on French label Cosmic Tones. Oren has also engineered and mastered numerous recordings for Booma Collective and other labels. revlux is a multinational corporation founded by Gary. With lifestyle products and accessories for the entire family, revlux has grown into the leading lifestyle brand in the universe.   

SOLPARA NYC via MTL and back - Solpara is a producer, dj and co-founder of DIY crew and music label Booma Collective. Since 2009, he’s been playing live sets, coordinating parties and releasing records on labels like Other People, LPC Switzerland, Vox Populi, and Booma’s own. Notable live performances include Boiler Room NYC, Mutek 2015 & 2016 with international appearances in Paris, Berlin, Beirut, and Prague. Highly inspired by Electro, Breaks and Post-punk these days, Solpara is in the works on releasing new material this summer on Booma.




Cecily Taylor is an art minded individual from Haliburton, Ontario, now based in Kingston. Since studying in the Fine Arts department at Queen's University from 2006-10, majoring in sculpture under the tutelage of Ted Rettig, Cecily has fluttered about many different forms of expression. These practices include: photography, rock and roll, electronic music, video, audio-visual installation, and drawing. Cecily's scattered artistic output oscillates between quiet, focused, introverted work - as seen in delicate pastel drawings - to more brash, extroverted, collaborative activities such as fronting a loud music project.

Kinetic sculpture in particular has been a latent interest for years. For Electric Circuits Cecily will be contributing an interactive kinetic light sculpture, open to attendees Saturday night. Check out her website here.



CMD is Corina MacDonald, a Montreal DJ and producer exploring the deeper reaches of electronic music. Corina’s live performances and DJ sets reveal a veteran talent for creating aesthetic links between various styles. Her commitment to finding and sharing new music is reflected in her radio show modular systems on Montreal’s CKUT.

She released her first EP, Memory Junction, in 2011. Since then she has continued to develop her process through a series of solidly-crafted EPs and regular appearances at events in Montreal and beyond, both as a headliner and in support of international artists. Expanding rhythmic space with an eye on the dancefloor, her live sets take a soulful approach to machine rhythms, drawing from the techno/house/electro continuum with an experimental edge to captivate mind and body. CMD’s steady output will continue in 2017 with an EP on Jacktone Records and a track on a forthcoming Sound Warrior compilation. Check her out on Traktion.


Dan Browne is a Toronto-based filmmaker, photographer and multimedia artist whose works explore patterns and nature through dense and kinetic forms. His films and videos have been presented at over one hundred festivals and venues worldwide, and have received several awards including the Trinity Square Video Award at Images 2016. He has also performed live video shows with musicians at festivals such as MUTEK and Vector, created public video installations for public commissions in Toronto and Vancouver, and has DJed at underground venues and outdoor festivals across southern Ontario.




Julia Krolik and Owen Fernley work together on a wide range of projects that have necessitated the founding of several initiatives. In 2009 they formed Decomposing Pianos where they focussed on projects related to art, science, experimental music and new media. Recently, they helped to co-found Art the Science, a non-profit organization advancing the mobilization of scientific knowledge, and Theory Jar, a startup company dedicated to democratizing science. In late 2016 they launched Pixels and Plans, a consulting agency specializing in the art of good data. The piano that inspired their first project still rests in their backyard. 

Decomposing Pianos will provide audio responsive projection mapped visuals for the Friday night sets of the Electric Circuits festival. Expanding on their 2014 Tone Deaf performance where they mapped the wood panelling of the Isabel Bader Performance Hall, the Electric Circuits festival will see a new iteration of their projection software, as mapped on the vertical wooden walls of the Isabel Bader Rehearsal Hall. Each Friday evening performance will provide a unique opportunity to journey through an audio visual environment driven by the music of Kerista, Ziibiwan, CMD and Rise Ashen.

Check out their website here.


Electric Circuits will showcase emerging art that is provocative, curious, and inspiring.

Echo Beach creates a soundscape of layered synthesis with atmospheric droney electronic melodies that lull you into a dreamy haze. Analog synths and effects pedals, coupled with poetic arrangements and post-shoegaze experimental drifts & peaks meld different worlds of music into a definitive style, distinguishing Echo Beach apart from other contemporary projects. letting the collages of sound take the listener on a journey to their inner-most sanctuary. Accompanied by full-immersion visuals, experience the lucid dream that is Echo Beach.




Erin Ball is a circus artist and coach based in Kingston, Ontario and the owner of Kingston Circus Arts. Her disciplines include aerial silks, static trapeze, aerial hoop, wheelchair acrobatics, handbalancing, partner acrobatics, flexibility and hooping. Erin discovered circus through yoga and hooping (and an inspirational busker’s festival) in 2007. 

In 2014, she took 11 months off due to life changing events that resulted in the loss of her lower legs. She has returned to her passion of training, coaching and performing. She has trained at several circus schools in Ontario, she trained briefly in England years ago and has spent (and continues to spend) many many hours at the New England Center for Circus Arts in Vermont. She has many certifications, including Acro Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 &2 (AcroYoga Montreal), Thai Yoga Massage, Levels 1-3 (Lotus Palm), Intermediate Fabric and Trapeze Teacher Trainings (New England Center for Circus Arts), HoopDance Instructor (Body Hoops), Mat Pilates Instructor (Balanced Body), Yoga Teacher Training (The Yoga Studio, Toronto), a diploma in fitness and lifestyle management (including personal training and group class instructing) and several others. 


Frances Adair Mckenzie is a multi-media artist who combines genres and technologies as a means to invoke the construction of fantastical internal and external worlds. Her work in motion-design, animation and immersive installation evokes a din of concentrated effects that meld both high and low cultural references and technologies. With a simultaneous eye to the history of art and the culture of Pop she extends upon the precedents of feminism and digital culture only to foreground the spectacle as a D.I.Y. space of subversion and tool of empowerment. Check out her website here.



Geronimo Inutiq is an electronic musician and multimedia artist residing in Montreal. He has worked with museums, galleries, institutions, companies, festivals, community organizations, and individuals to bring innovative electronic and Inuit art in Canada and beyond. 

Exploring using urban, electronic, and indigenous and Inuit tropes in his work, Geronimo was emerging as artist within the national dialogue of contemporary arts and indigeneity. With his first solo show shown in three Galleries across Canada “ARCTIC NOISE” -curated by Britt Gallpenn and Yasmin Nurming-Por- Geronimo established himself in the artistic realm- as a video and multimedia artist doing multichannel installation.

With “Isumaginagu” his solo show in 2016 for the Asinabaka Festival at gallery101 in Ottawa, Geronimo continued to push the envelope in his multimedia practice – with photograpy and digital art prints, original paintings, as well as the multichannel audio-visual installation. Always exploring the fantastical world in multimedia, he never forgets his roots in urban and electronic independent music production -nor his Inuit as well as Canadian, and Quebecois cultural heritage. 




Listen on Soundcloud.

Known for delivering a variety of 'light' sounds in the smoothest possible fashion. Ohm can often be heard spinning uplifting liquid DnB hand-in-hand with jazz-influenced hip-hop, dub breaks and melodic downtempo; occasionally even squeezing in his own ambient music productions into the mix. Also, as the founder and director of long-standing Toronto weekly Architextures and its satellite festival Landscapes, Hans has been an active facilitator for local talent, helping foster the growth of an enthusiastic music community for several years now.  Check out his site here.



Born in Montreal and raised in various locales across Canada, Hri Neil now lives in Cherry Valley, Ontario. Neil has a BFA in Painting and drawing from Concordia University, he has been focused on an interdisciplinary media based practice as well as independent curation over the last two decades. 

A multidisciplinary artist centered on sound, video, installation, and performance - Neil’s work has been shown both nationally and internationally. His work was included in performances for the Art Gallery of Ontario, for the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and in the New Territories program at ARCO in Spain. He is a recipient of the Telus Award for Technological Innovation in the Arts. Visit his website here.


Kala is an eclectic dancer, starting her professional journey in 2008, in Seoul South Korea with the Oriental belly dance troupe, Navah; the Tribal troupe, Maha Devi, and the Romani troupe, Satarma. As part of Eshe's professional troupe, Sultana, Kala also participated in - and won - the 2012 Tokyo International Belly Dance competition. She has performed regularly at festivals, including the Korean International Performance Arts Festival, DJ Fest in Seoul and fundraisers like Bras For a Cause. Kala has also performed in Eshe's Belly dance productions of the Garden of Eden, Cinderella and La mer. She regularly teaches workshops on an international level, including Belgium, Indonesia, Korea, England, U.S.A and India. Now living in Kingston, Ontario, Kala splits her time between teaching dance and performing in theater pieces such as Ambrose, which featured in the Kick & Push Festival. See her website by clicking here.



Kerista is the ambient analog synthesizer project of K.L. Sealegs (Fire Moss, Deep Sixed), an artist based in Kingston since 2009. Kerista debuted in November at Kingston's Musiikki Cafe. The project blends 3 unprocessed, monophonic analog synthesizers into thick, dusty, drone-based layers of sound. The result is a soundtrack for strange dreams, an invocation of the alien, a welcome mat on the threshold of an unknown place.



Michael Trommer is a Toronto-based producer and sound artist; his experimental work has been focused primarily on psychogeographical and acoustemological explorations via the use of field recordings, infra- and ultrasound, as well as multi- channel installation and expanded video techniques. He has released material on an unusually diverse roster of labels, both under his own name as well as 'sans soleil'. These include Transmat, Wave, Ultra-red, and/OAR, Audiobulb, Audio Gourmet, Gruenrekorder, Impulsive Habitat, Stasisfield, Serein, Flaming Pines, 3leaves, Unfathomless and con-v.

Michael also creates gallery-based audio installation work; He has exhibited work at Australia’s ‘Liquid Architecture’ festival, Kunsthalle Schirn in Frankfurt, Cordoba’s art:tech and Köln’s soundLAB, among others. He has performed extensively in North America, Europe and Asia, including events with members of Berlin's raster-noton collective, as well as the 2008 and 2013 editions of Mutek's acclaimed a/visions series. In addition to teaching sound design and Think Tank at OCAD University, he also regularly improvises with Toronto-based AI collective 'i/o media'.

Check out his website by clicking here.




Miss Moss brings a love for big bass sounds and melodic grooves. Inspired by the innovative patterns of the freshest underground soundsystem music, her track selection is bound to captivate. From the decks she strives to share joy, cultivate magic, and make space for play. Having played at Harvest Festival, Solstice Festival, and Archi-textures, Miss Moss keen to bring the bass to a sound system near you.


Murr is known for combining ambient fuzz and electronic beats into a whirlwind of melodies laced together with a chill, minimal heartbeat. Nicholas Murray is a Barbados-born, award-winning electronic producer, composer and musician who has been making music since 1992. He started out making audio loops from community radio shows with two rickety tape decks and his first project was with the underground hip hop legend, Da Grass Roots – which he produced from 1993-2000. Murr is best known as the co-founder of the long-standing politically-charged minimal project, LAL Forest. 

Murr has produced a multitude of singles and six albums, ranging from Thunderheist to Luanda Jones. Always scoring projects in film and theatre, he has worked with a number of labels for himself and others, including PTR, DNH, Kuji, 530 Techno and New Kanada. In touring 10 countries, 3 continents, Pakistan and the Caribbean, Murr has been shortlisted for numerous international awards and has graced the pages – and the covers of – the Source, Rap Pages, NOW Toronto, the Globe and Mail, Flux FM, and more.

He's opened for Ice Cube and played the legendary Berlin nightclub, Berghain. Murr is currently working on a new audio-visual project featuring singer Rosina Kazi and music video producer C. Hudson Hwang called Figure 2.3.5.  He lives in Toronto.

Check out his website  here.



Juno Award-Nominated Producer, Musician, DJ and Dancer Rise Ashen has devoted his life to the study of sound and movement. From his early years immersed in the early Hip Hop as a B-Boy in Montreal in the 80s, to his studies at Fanshawe College (North America's Oldest Recording School) and the Banff Centre for the Arts, his focus has been on applying hi-fi knowhow to underground music. His record collection spans the 4 corners of the world with House and Breakbeats as is his primary focus. As a DJ, he blends it all in a worldy mash and is always the sweaty and dynamic life of the party and has played in clubs across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

He has remixed and collaborated countless artists including Brazil’s Bebel Gilberto, Mali’s Issa Bagayogo, Montreal Juno award winner Miguel Graca, Jojo Flores, Fred Everything and Kat 5 of the KALMUNITY collective, Toronto based (Juno nominated) Ammoye, (Juno Award winner) Dubmatix, Version XCursion, LAL, (Juno Award Winner) Eccodek, King Sunshine, the New Deal and Bageshree, UK’s Sean Escofferey, John Beltran, Steph Lefrancois and Josef Malik, New York’s Angel Moraes, Winnipeg’s Paris to Kiev, Kasm and Seed Organisation, and Trevor “Lifeboogie” Walker, John Akpata, and Shegun Beautiful Nubia Akinlolu, Brandon Wint, Bhavan2 , Tara Proter, Lucila Al Mar Ottawa Algonquin Singer Flying Down Thunder with whom he received a Juno nomination in 2012 for their debut album: One Nation, as well as a Native American Music Awards nomination in 2014 for their sophomore album: North Wind.

Recently he has been collaborating with Silla, an Inuit throat-singing duet with whom he just released a full-length debut which was long-listed for the Polaris prize and received a Juno Award nomination in 2017 for best Indigenous Album. They perform as a trio with rise playing electronic instruments. He has also been working with Ottawa-based Jesse Stewart on a percussion concept piece.

He believes music and dance are essential to human culture and that united, artists can lead humanity towards a more enlightened way of living. "We need to make a shift towards long-term thinking"... Quoting Fela Kuti:"when the higher forces give you the gift of musicianship …it must be well used for the good of humanity"





Stéphanie McKnight (Stéfy) is an artist based in Kingston ON. She is a doctoral student in the Cultural Studies Program at Queen’s University. Interested in how cultural objects and productions produce knowledge and interaction, her research focuses on gender performativity, privacy, new media, surveillance post 9/11 and Edward Snowden revelations. Stéfy’s primary artistic medium is installation art in forms of site specific, video; experimental photography, performance and found objects. Stéfy has recently exhibited at Modern Fuel Artist Run-Centre, The Centre for Indigenous Research-Creation, the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, OCAD University, WKP Kennedy Gallery and White Water Gallery in North Bay and the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. In 2015 her work Coded, I Am was shortlisted for the Queen’s University Research Photo Contest. Her work was recently published in LandEscape Now! Contemporary Art Review in Europe (2016).  Check out her website by clicking here.



Tyler Tekatch is a Hamilton born Canadian artist whose work explores the nature of dreams, perception and the religious imagination. Tekatch studied filmmaking at Ryerson and York University and began producing and exhibiting 16mm films in the context of Canadian avant-garde cinema. He has extended his practice to include collage, photography, digital cinema and interactive installation. 

Tekatch’s work has held solo exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Ottawa Art Gallery. His film work has screened at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, the National Film Board, the WNDX Festival and internationally at festivals in Seoul and London.

Check out his extensive portfolio on his website here.



Anishinaabe experimental-electronic producer Ziibiwan's RPM debut EP is a rift in the sonic cosmic flow, an expansive vision of cyclical temporalities and inner explorations rooted in Indigenous consciousness. From the ambient unfolding of tracks like "North" and "Fast Asleep" to the more beat-based flows of "Loon Song" and "Manitou", Ziibiwan's ethereal, sonic landscape opens into deeply hypnotic spaces where land, sky, and deep sea meet.  

"bright, curious, meditative electronic music...reminiscent of Bonobo" - The FADER



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Echo Beach

Erin Ball 

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Greg Wilson 

Hans Ohm

Hri Neil 

Saturday Lineup at the Tett

Alicia Hush

Atra Aeterna

Basic Soul Unit

Ben Lodge

Big River Dream

Cecily Taylor

Dan Browne

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